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Hi there, and welcome to the Bluebird & the Robin! What's with the name? Well, the bluebird and the robin are two of my favourite animals, as the bluebird represents spiritual guidance and the robin a gentle and friendly nature. I've written a whole post explaining the naming process of my little blog, feel free to have a have a nosy here if you'd like to find out more. 

I write about tarot, personal development, beauty, lifestyle and all sorts of things in between. A mixed bag, really! My aim is for the Bluebird & the Robin to be a positive space full of uplifting and engaging material, whatever the topic at hand. 

I'm an intuitive tarot reader, and I firmly believe in the power of tarot to help provide clarity, understanding and guidance in order for positive growth to occur. Whatever the situation, the cards can help you see things in a new light with a better understanding of your choices. I also believe in multiple possible futures, meaning the ball is in your court to determine how you act and react in the situation you're in. If you're looking for empowerment and inner strength, the tarot is your guide!

I read on a variety of subjects and I offer readings primarily via email, although I'm also able to conduct readings in person in my local area. For more information on what tarot is, how I conduct readings and how to book a tarot reading pop on over to the Book a Tarot Reading page. You can also have a browse of my tarot blog posts over on the Bluebird Tarot page.

I write a weekly Anxiety Diaries series based on my experiences with anxiety. I'm a firm believer that our thoughts create our reality, and so Anxiety Diaries posts are rooted in an optimistic and empowering foundation. All posts are handily located on the Anxiety Diaries page.

Alongside tarot and Anxiety Diaries I write about other 'lifestyle' topics including day to day musings, love, and any and everything 'personal development' related. I'm knee deep in wedding planning at the moment (the big day is in Jnuary 2014!) so there are quite a few wedding posts too. Take a peek over on the Lifestyle page. I'm also a beauty product obsessive and love writing up product reviews, so be sure to check out the Beauty page for all the latest beauty posts!

I really hope you enjoy reading the Bluebird & the Robin, and thanks a million for popping by. I love connecting with readers and fellow bloggers, so if you'd like to contact me you're very welcome to drop me at an email at bluebirdrobinblog@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @Imogen_Massey

You can also find the Bluebird & the Robin on Bloglovin' and Instagram. I do like snapping a pic or two!



  1. Just come across this little blog and I'm loving it. Please keep up the good, hard work. Xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, you've given me such a lift and made me smile! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading :) xx


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