Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pretty in peach pt 2 with Revlon Photoready cream blush & Sleek Blush powder

In my previous post  I wrote about the wonders of peach lip colours, and on my most recent trip to Superdrug I noticed Revlon's new cream blushers. I chose 'Pinched', a peach shade; there's also a pink one but I thought it looked a bit too bright for me. And, as you know, I'm head over heels in love with peach at the moment, so couldn't resist!

The packaging is simple and attractive, with a sturdy black lid (although on first opening the lid wasn't screwed on properly, meaning as I went to pry it from the cardboard box it came in, my finger slipped under the lid straight into the blush. Which left an annoying dent on the surface, but oh well, no lasting harm done). It's quite a big pot, making it good value for money. 

I've found in the past that some cream blushers can be tricky to smooth on to the skin, requiring more of a rubbing motion which inevitably wipes away the foundation underneath. Thankfully, the Photoready blush doesn't suffer from this, and smooths on easily. I tend to dab my middle finger in the pot before patting and smoothing onto the apples of my cheeks gently, which seems to do the trick. As you can see, the shade is a light peach, with a very slight shimmer. 

It gives a healthy glow and lasts a good four or five hours after application. But the fun doesn't stop there! I also picked up a Sleek powder blusher in 'Rose Gold', which is a gorgeous peachy-coral with gold shimmer.

'Rose Gold''
The packaging is, well, sleek (sorry) and neatly sized, with a little mirror enclosed for easy application on the go. 

I must admit, I've become a little obsessed with this blush. The colour is so summery and the powder is highly pigmented, making it easy to load on to a blusher brush, and easy to blend. It leaves a lovely shimmery sheen on cheekbones and I also dust a little down my nose and across my forehead (but only a little!) I love the shimmery finish as it makes me look a lot less pale without the need for bronzer or lashings of tinted moisturiser/foundation. 

'Rose Gold' on brush 
'Rose Gold'
The best part is, the two products work extremely well together in delivering a sun-kissed, peachy look. I apply the cream blush first followed by a light sweep of the powder along cheekbones, brightening the face and creating the peachy look I love. Combined with the Revlon lip products detailed in my last blog post, it's peachy perfection (I just can't resist a bit of alliteration..!)

Revlon Photoready cream blusher is on sale for £5.99 at Superdrug (click here)

Sleek powder blusher costs £4.29 at Superdrug (click here

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  1. Love the cream blush. The color looks amazing.



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