Wednesday 8 January 2014

Beauty | Midweek Picks #1

Happy Humpday! Today marks the start of a brand new beauty series on the Bluebird & the Robin, Midweek Picks, designed to give you a taster of the products I've been reaching for most throughout the week so far. Let's kick things off with the following four gems!

Perhaps predictably, I'm a big fan of a berry lip during Autumn/Winter and Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon (£7.99) in '06 Plum Russian' is just the ticket for a delicious plum pout. The shape of the crayon makes it quick and easy to apply neatly, and the moisturising formula feels so comfortable to wear. It gives a slightly darker kick of berry than other berry toned lip crayons I've tried, which I like as it makes it a little more glam. 

Ooh look, another celebrity fragrance! I'm making no apologies, being a huge fan of all of Britney's perfume releases to date! While 'Radiance' is my favourite of the bunch, 'Fantasy'(£22 50ml) (pictured) comes a close second, and I've been craving its sweet scent over the past week or so. When I say sweet, I mean sweet; sugar loaded with hints of creamy vanilla, this is a really romantic concoction. Mmm! While I do like musky scents, sometimes I feel like being girly and 'Fantasy' is what I reach for. I actually snagged this 50ml bottle as part of a set for only £15 in the Superdrug sale, so do have a look and see if it's still available if you're a fan!

I reviewed Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter (£5.99) upon its initial release, but it's only now that I've fallen properly in love with the glow it's capable of giving on cold Winter mornings! I tried using this with my favourite summer foundation, Maxfactor's Facefinity 3 in 1, but found that due to the matte texture of the foundation I had a hard time applying Skin Wow! on top. However, now that L'Oreal's Lumi Magique foundation has become my base of choice for Winter I've been able to make great use of Skin Wow! due to the dewy finish of L'Oreal's base. I tap a little Skin Wow! cream coloured lotion along my cheekbones, brow bones, nose and temples and I LOVE how it instantly adds a pretty glow! 

Last but by no means least is my new hand cream obsession: Salonniere By Jenny Packham Hand Cream. This came as part of a £10 Christmas set available at Boots (now half price!) and I quickly picked up plenty more in the sales. A true rose scent with hints of violet, geranium and sandalwood, the Salonniere range smells divine. My hands tend to get very dry all year around so a good hand cream is vital, and Salonniere's offering doesn't fail to impress. Satisfyingly thick and creamy yet easily absorbed, with pretty pink and black packaging and a gorgeous scent, this takes pride of place on my dressing table while another tube resides in my handbag for on the go application.

What have you been loving this week so far? Are you reaching for  new discoveries or trusty old favourites? Spill the beans below!

Baci e abbracci, 

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  1. That lip crayon is a gorgeous colour! I've never tried a lip crayon but this one looks like a great starter and easy to use :D. I absolutely love that perfume! I wore it religiously through school and now I want it again! haha xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

  2. I love that perfume too...I need to repurchase because mine is almost gone :( I must try that lip crayon...the colour is so unique and I have no plum lip colours....I would imagine it looks stunning on, especially for Autumn/Winter <3

    Sinead |

  3. That color boost pencil looks so good!

    Kelly | secondhandspring


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