Friday, 16 March 2012

Ooh, a mystery parcel, what could it be...? The Goddess Collection from MeMeMe!

Last week I was at home, studying (ahem, well, blogging) when a mystery parcel arrived. What could it be? I was sure I hadn't ordered anything and so I was sure I wasn't expecting a delivery. 

Upon opening it, I came face to face with a MeMeMe Goddess Collection make-up set :D

I immediately got on the phone to the boyfriend, and lo and behold, he'd spotted it on Groupon for the bargain price of £12.99 and ordered it for me :) Amazing! A boyfriend who actively encourages my love of all things beautiful :p

MeMeMe Goddess Collection

 Retailing for £29.99 on MeMeme's official website, this is something I probably wouldn't normally purchase, BUT, it being my first foray into MeMeMe cosmetics, and it being such a great bronzing kit, I've had to reconsider my stance. The set consists of five products, meaning you actually save a bit of money buying it as a set, rather than purchasing the items separately in Superdrug stores. 

Lipgloss, liquid highlighter, nail polish, shimmer brick & eyeshadow quad 

As written on the back of the box, the set consists of:

  • Goddess Eyes Baked Powder Eyeshadow Quad Palette
  • Sunbeam Illuminating Complexion enhancer & radiating highlighter cream
  • Bronze Shimmer Stack- High Pigmentation bronzing powder compact
  • Nail Gloss in 'Elegant' Opulent High Gloss finish with Maxi-brush
  • Light Me Up Lipgloss in 'Captivate' frosted brown with built in light & mirror

First up, Goddess Eyes Baked Powder Eyeshadow, consisting of a pearly light gold, a strong gold-bronze, a nude-brown gold and a darker shimmery brown. (I love neutrals and golds!)

I'm afraid the picture isn't great but I hope you can make out at least three of the colours on my arm. The pigmentation is strong, meaning only a little is needed at a time, and the colours complement each other very well. 

Next up, Sunbeam Illuminating highlighter cream:

Highlighter fluid straight from the bottle...

... and blended into skin 
This reminds me of other popular liquid highlighters such as Benefit's Moon Beam. It has a good consistencey: creamy and not too runny, and it blends in easily. It gives a subtle gold shimmer, perfect for using to highlight cheekbones/browbones. 

Now for my favourite part of the set, the Bronze Shimmer Stack, which again reminds me of more expensive brands such as Bobbi Brown. This gives a gorgeous rich flush of colour, a blend of gold and bronze without the dreaded orange. I can't wait to use it when I'm on holiday this summer to give my tan a boost.

Bronze Shimmer Brick
One sweep with bronzing brush 
Applied to skin with brush 
As you can see in the picture, the pigmentation of the bronzer is strong, which means starting with a light sweep rather than loading your brush up with lots of powder. I love the colour it gives, and I bet it will work excellently at contouring cheekbones and highlighting a tan. I'm also tempted to try it out on my legs, brushing a light layer along the shins to illuminate.  You can also use the individual stripes of colour as pretty eyeshadows. 

The Nail Gloss in 'Elegant' gives a solid colour with only one application, which is fantastic as I hate having to apply multiple layers of nail polish. The colour is a true molten gold:


One coat of polish
Last, but by no means least, Light Me Up Lipgloss in 'Captivate', a creamy frosted brown-gold colour that comes not only with a handy little mirror on the side of the tube, but with a built-in light to enable easy application even in the darkest of places! Ingenious :) 

Can you see the little light?!

At first I thought this might be a bit too bronze for me, but it actually shows up as a very nude shimmer, which I like. It also has great staying power! 

So there you have it, my introduction to MeMeMe cosmetics, a brand I'd never used before but will certainly be paying much more attention to the next time I'm in Superdrug/doing a spot of on-line shopping. The set may come with a price tag of £29.99 but the quality of each item in terms of pigmentation and texture makes it a good rival to more expensive designer brands offering similar products. Definitely recommended! 


  1. hehe isn't it great when you have a boyfriend like that? Looks like a great kit and def a bargain price! x


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