Sunday, 4 March 2012

So what could I afford if not luxuries? Essentials! Weekend haul!

Perhaps I was a little too harsh on Primark in my previous post. If there's anything Primark excels at, it's the three P's: pants, pyjamas and pumps. I can't get enough of them and I always find myself grabbing random 'P' items as I go through the store. The best part is, they're cheap! It doesn't matter if a PJ top isn't that strong material-wise because you only wear it to sleep in. And it doesn't matter if a pair of pumps suffer a little wear and tear after a few weeks because they're the kind of thing you might want to change regularly anyway, for colour-coordination/British weather purposes. 

And so, although I couldn't quite justify spending money on the fabulous outfit featured in my last post, I could justify picking up some 'essentials' this weekend; things I know I'll wear regularly, for work and play. Here they are!

Primark's finest:p a cute set of flowery pyjamas perfect for the upcoming summer weather:

Primark PJs
How sweet do the little blue flowers look? £3 top and £3 pants, I couldn't resist. 

PJ print
I also picked up some nude pumps for work/everyday wear, as I LOVE nude pumps and wear them throughout spring/summer until it gets too cold to go out with partially naked tootsies. 

£4 Primark pumps 
One last purchase from Primark: a pink scarf to liven up my usual array of white tank tops and black cardigans for work, particularly useful for fooling the kids at school into thinking I don't wear the same outfit every day (the shame of being told that I do has yet to fade). 

£3 scarf with tassels! 
Oh wait, that's a lie, one more thing made it's way into my arms, but it's an actual NECESSITY: a little black shoulder strap bag to use on nights out, as I can't keep lugging around my huge handbag! 

£4(?! I think!) Primark bag 
Moving on from Primark, I picked up a few bits of jewellery in H&M:

Bracelet £2.99, gold leaf design ring £3.99, set of three gem rings £3.99 
I love cheap jewellery as you can mix it up and chop and change whenever suits (although I wouldn't mind some real diamonds, if anyone has any to spare?!) Just a few items to jazz up my outfits. 

Next up was a quick trip to New Look, where I snapped up a new wallet and a pair of dangly earrings. I'm usually a studs kind of gal but I thought this pair in particular weren't too dangly and I like the mix of pink and gold:

£3.99 New Look earrings 
£6.99 wallet- I love a neutral! 

Finally, a shopping spree wouldn't be complete without a trip to Boots and Superdrug to check out any special offers etc... Lucky I did, because Boots 17 has a 3 for 2 promotion running and I decided to indulge, before heading to Superdrug to pick up L'Oreal's new Lumi Magique foundation and L'Oreal Triple Active day and night creams:

L'Oreal and 17 selection 
Oh, and you see that cute little pink-tipped blusher brush? That's from Primark too. So I actually seem to have gone a little Primark crazy this weekend. Who would have thought?! 

'Pink Grapefruit' and 'Glisten'
L'Oreal Triple Active Day and Night 

Swatches and reviews to follow! 

Of course, it has occurred to me that for the cost of all of the above I could probably have made a real crack at getting my hands on the River Island/New Look evening outfit I'm lusting after (see previous post). But sometimes in life you have to bag the essentials and lust after the luxuries a little longer. 

OK, so perhaps none of the above qualify as real 'essentials'... But when you have thirteen year olds asking 'Miss, why do you always wear the same clothes?' and your reply 'why do you always wear a school uniform?' doesn't quite cut the mustard, the pressure is on to at least fool them into thinking you're wearing something different each day. Which is where essentials such as scarves and pumps play their part! 


  1. Oooh I've asked for the 17 Shimmer Brick for my birthday from my mum :) Looks lovely. And don't you just love it when you get loads for your money? x

    1. It's really nice, I've been using it as an eyeshadow palette as well as a blush/highlighter and I love the pink colours :) xx

  2. Start investing Imogen! Just on a few things ;) x

    1. I can't afford to invest! Reason being that if I start saving to invest I'll have to go at least a couple of months buying nothing new AND THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER. I have hardly any clothes as it is! Waah! When I have a 'proper job' I'll invest, I promise :p xx

  3. Ohhhhh, so many pretty stuff. I love the gem rings and wallet.
    The pj print is also cute. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, I love the gem rings! I've been wearing them quite a lot and so far the metal hasn't started to discolour, which is good considering the price!xx


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