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Review | Herbal Essences Bee Strong

I'm the first to admit that I suffer from slight commitment issues when it comes to forming long lasting relationships with beauty products, especially hair care collections. I enjoy experimenting with a wide range of high street hair care brands and find it almost impossible to stick with one range for more than one bottle, if that. However, this has recently changed! Having discovered and fallen in love with the new Herbal Essences Bee Strong range I can confirm that my commitment issues are, for the time being (!) no longer a problem. I'm even going so far as to bestow Herbal Essences Bee Strong *holy grail status* as I am seriously impressed with the quality of the four products available and I've actually repurchased two of them already, which is a big deal for a commitment-phobe like me! 

A bit of background on my hair and its needs. Texture wise, my hair is quite fine and although there's a lot of it (judging by the amount left behind on my Tangle Teaser every morning) it's quite thin and poker straight, meaning products that leave my hair feeling weighed down are a complete no-no. I've been dying my hair since I was fourteen, from mahogany to bright red to light brown to dark brown to pink to strawberry blonde to ash blonde to honey blonde... At the moment I'm gradually growing out my highlights as I felt unhappy with how yellow-blonde my hair had become, so my hair is currently a mixture of light blonde highlights and darker blonde natural colour, which sounds a bit of a mess but it actually looks OK! Because of all this dying, the ends of my hair are very dry and so benefit from using intensive masks and deep conditioning treatments regularly. I tend to wash my hair daily as I really don't like the feeling of day old hair and I don't particularly like the powdery sensation that dry shampoo leaves behind. When selecting hair care products I look for ones that aim to strengthen, soften and nourish. 

Bee Strong Shampoo £3.89 400ml, Conditioner £3.89 400ml at Boots

Herbal Essences Bee Strong has been designed 'for damaged hair' and is a 'strengthening' collection. The inclusion of softening 'honey and apricot extracts' instantly appealed to me as I'm obsessed with anything honey related and the scent of the Bee Strong collection is absolutely gorgeous! Here's what Herbal Essences claim on the blurb of the Bee Strong Strengthening Shampoo bottle:

'Bulk up strength with this nourishing shampoo. This formula works to help repair the protective outer layer of each strand of hair to leave it strong against combing damage'

And here's what the Bee Strong Strengthening Conditioner has to say for itself:

'This rich and creamy conditioner leaves your hair strong against combing damage for silky-strong locks you will love'

To be honest I wouldn't say I'm suffering from combing damage, and it seems like a bit of a narrow focus, but these beauties work brilliantly on my hair type and instantly make my hair visibly softer, smoother and shinier. The shampoo lathers up well and rinses easily, while the conditioner has a nice thick consistency and leaves my hair feeling truly nourished and stronge with far less flyaways and less noticeable split ends. I've used lots of Herbal Essences products in the past, some of which I've found have left a slighly tacky coating on my hair once dry; thankfully this isn't a problem I've experienced with Bee Strong. Once dry my hair doesn't feel weighed down at all and it looks and it looks and feels super healthy. 

Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask £4.19 200ml at Boots

Two or three times a week I use a generous dollop of the Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask as a deep conditioning treat. and this has quickly become my favourite hair mask. I'm already past the half way point and will be repurchasing as soon as I run out, as it's making such a difference to the quality and appearance of my hair. Here's what the golden tub claims:

'Tackle dryness and combing damage and say hello to silky-strong locks. This rich moisturising mask helps repair signs of combing damage from root to tip'

A thick creamy texture and delicious apricot scent make this a real treat to use. I help myself to a big scoop and focus on the ends of my hair, and as soon as I've rinsed I notice a difference in smoothness. Unlike other masks I've tried, this one actually seems to have a lasting effect, making my hair look and feel softer and so much shinier than usual. It soothes dry ends effectively and makes them far less noticeable and much softer to touch. It rinses out easily with no residue and doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down. To say I'm impressed is a bit of an understatement! I can't emphasis enough how delicious this smells, it's so more-ish! I've also been using it as a soothing shaving cream on my legs to maximise opportunities to indulge in the fragrance. Mmm. 

Bee Strong Strengthening Cream £4.79 150ml at Boots

I've been using the leave in Bee Strong Strengthening Cream in conjunction with the other Bee Strong products and it's a nice finishing touch. It comes with a spray nozzle which is a little strange as it's a cream texture, so I usually spritz it three of four times in my hands and then distribute evenly through damp hair with my palms. 

'This thick 'n creamy formula goes on smooth and helps protect hair from combing damage, giving you the silky strong hair you always wanted'

To be honest I'm not sure if this cream makes a huge individual difference, as I've also used the shampoo and conditioner without it and the results are very similar. It does smell fantastic and makes my hair super easy to comb, so that's a plus and it feels like a nice easy treat to add to my hair care routine so I'm going to keep on using it. 

I recently ran out of the shampoo and conditioner and immediately repurchased as my hair feels so much softer when using them and my dry ends are far more nourished than when using any other hair care line. If you're thinking about giving the Herbal Essences Bee Strong range a go I'd highly recommend doing so! Holy grail status confirmed. 

Explore Herbal Essences Bee Strong collection here


  1. I've been unsure of whether to buy anything from this collection or not, but after reading your review I definitely think I shall be purchasing some tomorrow! Especially the hair mask.

    Thanks for your lovely review ^^

    Hollie ~ From Eden

    1. Let me know what you think, I really love this collection!xx

  2. I have the strengthening cream spray and I love it! Great post :) xxx

    1. Thanks! I'm a total fan of the Bee Strong range, such great quality :) xx

  3. Your hair type sounds exactly the same as mine. I have difficulty finding products that don't weigh my hair down too much, think I will try this range after your recommendation =) thanks!


    1. No worries, hope you like it! It's the perfect hair care collection for me, so glad I went for it :) xx

    2. Bought the shampoo and conditioner yesterday! =) x


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