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Review | Beauty UK matte lipsticks 'Snob' and 'Candy'

I used to be a lipgloss girl, afraid of lipsticks and preferring to stick to a tint rather than a bold wash of colour. Oh, how times have changed! Now I can't get enough of bright colours and I've discovered that my favourite lipstick finish is the matte lip. While MAC's Russian Red is one of my all time matte lip heroes it's always nice to discover a high street brand that can offer something similar, and I'm happy to say I would recommend Beauty UK lipsticks to anyone searching for an affordable matte lipstick treat. 

I'd never paid much attention to Beauty UK in the past when browsing Superdrug. I'm not sure if it's because of the packaging or the brand name but it never really appealed to me initially, until I randomly swatched one of their nude lip colours and decided to give it a go. At only £3.49 each I decided to give another two colours a try, and fell firmly in love with the matte lipsticks in the range. Unfortunately there isn't a label on each lipstick noting the finish; some are creamy while some are matte, so I sort of stumbled upon my two favourites by accident. I'd definitely recommend swatching before purchasing if you're not sure. 

Beauty UK lipstick 'Snob' and 'Candy'

'Snob' and 'Candy'

'Snob' and 'Candy'

'Snob' and 'Candy' are the two I found with a perfect matte finish. 'Snob' is a really interesting colour and not something I've found on the high street before, which is what I love about Beauty UK; they have a great selection of unique shades and textures. It's a muted dusty pink with lilac undertones, which may sound a little strange but it looks beautiful once on; very natural yet still eye catching. 'Candy' is a super bright neon Barbie pink, brighter than it looks in the pictures above and below! The matte finish of both lipsticks means they pack a proper opaque colour punch and don't budge at all once on. Due to the matte texture they are a little tougher to apply than a creamy or glossy formula but I really don't mind as the finish looks fantastic, and means they don't smudge or smear when applying. Both lipsticks smell pleasantly minty which is a refreshing change from sweet scented lip products. 

Bottom: 'Snob', Top: 'Candy

There's no doubt that for me the matte finish makes these two lipsticks extra special and a brilliant high street find. They remind me of MAC's matte range in terms of texture and finish; not at all drying, delivering a solid punch of colour. The matte finish makes the bright colours easy to wear as they seem more modern and flattering somehow; a mouthful of brightly coloured gloss can sometimes look a little OTT (although I'm still a gloss fan at heart!) 

Needless to say it proved next to impossible to capture the colour of the lipsticks once applied on camera! I tried and tried but couldn't manage to get many good shots, although I do have one photo of 'Candy' that almost shows how Barbie pink it is:


It looks a little brighter in 'real life' though! 

These lippies offer an excellent way of easing yourself in to wearing brighter, bolder colours. Once on they stay put, meaning you don't have to worry about lipstick on your teeth or colour bleeding outside of your lip line, which is what I worried about a lot when I first started wearing brights. I usually apply one coat, blot, and then apply a second coat, and you can add a further layer for an even more intense finish. 

Although I love the unique muted pink-lilac 'Snob' and while it's perfect for wearing as an alternative everyday neutral, my favourite has to be 'Candy'. Not only is it the perfect neon Barbie pink, but the matte texture means it doesn't look dated or garish. If it was glossy I don't think it would have the same effect. The powdery matte finish makes it seem fresher and bolder, and it would look fab with a tan once the current rainy weather improves! 

If you're curious about Beauty UK I'd really recommend giving them a try, as their products are great value for money and offer lots of alternative and unique shades. I'm building quite a collection already!

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  1. Snob looks lovely! I love your top :) xo


    1. 'Snob' is fast becoming my favourite 'neutral with a twist', it's a very flattering shade. Thanks, my top is from H&M, I'm going through a bit of a flower obsession at the moment! It was only £9.99 so I got it in two patterns!xx

  2. Really cute design and beautiful colours! The minty smell sounds lovely.

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. They smell great, very refreshing! And even though they smell minty they're not at all tingly which I like :) xx

  3. Ohh I love both! Sooo pretty xxx Jen xxx

    1. Aren't they gorgeous shades? I've got a few other Beauty UK lippies which I'll be reviewing soon, I can't enough of their products now that I've finally discovered them!xx


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