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Review | Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils

Admittedly I'm rather lazy when it comes to eye make-up. I'd love to be able to contour my eyes properly, using all sorts of colours to blend and shade but I just don't seem to be very good at it... yet! In the meantime I'm always on the look out for easy to use eye products that look great and feel comfortable to wear. I spotted the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils in a magazine a few weeks ago and knew I'd have to try them out, especially as they retail at only £3.19 each in Superdrug which is a steal! My love for Collection is super strong in part due to their excellent range of concealers and gel nail polishes, so I hoped these pencils would also be great quality and luckily I wasn't wrong. 

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils, 'Vanilla Sky' and 'Hot Chocolate', £3.19 each

I went for 'Vanilla Sky', a shimmery beige colour, and 'Hot Chocolate', a dark brown-bronze shimmer. While there were other colours available I just can't get enough of the bronze neutral eye look, and neutrals go really well with bright lip colours which is my other beauty obsession at the moment. 

'Vanilla Sky' and 'Hot Chocolate'

Each pencil is described as being 'velvety, soft' and 'blendable'. Both pencils have a soft creamy consistency making them easy to control when applying. 'Vanilla Sky' seems easier to blend once on, and it works really well as a base shade for the whole lid and for highlighting the inner eye. It's quite a pale white beige with a hint of gold. I use 'Hot Chocolate' to line the eye and then smudge gently with my finger, although once it's on it seems a bit harder to blend than 'Vanilla Sky'. It has a lovely gold bronze shimmer running throughout, making it perfect for creating a really easy shimmery neutral eye. 

Both pencils are highly pigmented and have a beautiful creamy shimmer finish, yet they absolutely do not budge AT ALL once applied! They're labelled as waterproof and long lasting, and this is certainly true! I swatched them on my wrist (see below) and went I went to wipe them off with a wet tissue they wouldn't move at all, as in they didn't smear, smudge, rub off... I used eye make-up remover in the end and they came off then, so while they're super smudge proof they will shift when you finally want them to. I've been wearing them for about five hours at the time of writing this and they haven't faded, shifted, smudged or altered in any way. I didn't use a primer and they have held so well. 

Below: 'Vanilla Sky', Above: 'Hot Chocolate'

These Eyeshadow Pencils are the type of products I can use everyday with ease, and the colours make the perfect pairing. Along with Collection's Illuminating Touch concealer and Lasting Perfection concealer these are taking pride of place in my daily make-up bag. Great value at a brilliant price, I might even venture out and try some of the other colours available...

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