Monday, 1 July 2013

Points win prizes!

I love, love, LOVE my Boots Advantage Card and Superdrug Beauty Card. Nothing beats discovering you've built up quite a significant amount of points (hello, shallow side!) because of course, points mean beauty prizes! I decided to have a little spending spree in Boots and Superdrug today using points collected over the past few months or so, and I have to say it felt good to part with zero cash for once *pats self on the back* Yes I know, I know, I only had the points due to previous spending sprees but I may as well use them instead of spending even more cash. Especially as I'm not supposed to be spending anything at all at the moment. 

First up, Boots. My love for Natural Collection continues to grow! Underrated but awesome,  I can't get enough of their products at the moment and so I decided to treat myself to a neutral duo eye shadow and a pressed bronzing powder. 

Duo Eyeshadow 'Mink/Sable' £1.99 and SunTint Bronzing Powder 'Sun Shine' £1.99

I've also got a bit of an obsession with Sinful Colors nail polish, especially as Boots keep adding lots of amazing colours to the collection. I've wanted a pale creamy yellow for a while and I also like peachy white pastels so I went for 'Unicorn' and 'Easy Going'. 

Sinful Colors 'Unicorn 953' and Easy Going 300' £1.99 each

Over in Superdrug I had a browse of the Collection stand. Their Lasting Perfection Concealer has officially replaced my MAC concealer pot as my all time favourite blemish concealer EVER. Don't disbelief the blogger hype, as it really is a miracle product. With this in mind I thought I'd give their Illuminating Touch concealer wand a try. I also got a free Hot Looks nail polish due to a 'spend over £3.99' offer. I chose 'Milkshake' as you can't really go wrong with neutral nails and it was a little different to paler neutrals I've got in my collection. A proper freebie! Hehe...

Collection Illuminating Touch, £4.99 and Hot Looks 'Milkshake' usually £1.99

I couldn't walk past the MUA stand without a little peek at their new blusher shades and their eye shadow trios. I decided on 'Cupcake' blusher as I like a peach shade and it seems quite matte. I also popped the 'Pink Sorbet' trio eye shadow in my basket as I've wanted this for ages; I like a gentle pink shimmer and the colours compliment each other really well. 

Blusher 'Cupcake' £1 and Eye shadow trio 'Pink Sorbet' £2.50

I had to check out the Rimmel stand as I've been searching for their Scandaleyes eye shadow sticks for weeks. Every time I've found 'Bulletproof Beige' and 'Bad Girl Bronze' in other Boots and Superdrug stores they've always been opened and tested, which is so irritating. I finally found some sealed ones today so I snapped them up straight away. 

Scandaleyes eye shadow sticks 'Bulletproof Beige' and 'Bad Girl Bronze', £4.49 each

Having recently discovered Beauty UK and their absolutely brilliant lipsticks I picked up 'Candy'. I love the matte finish and the super bright pink colour; it's so summery and really brightens up my make-up look. I'll be reviewing this soon as I am head over heels in love with it! 

Beauty UK lipstick 'Candy 2'  £3.49

'Candy' swatch

I'm so looking forward to reviewing lots of these lovely items in depth over the next few weeks, but couldn't resist posting a little haul to show off my latest finds! Those points really do soon add up, and I think my prizes are really rather lovely. Have you tried any of the items above? I'd love to know your thoughts. 


  1. That Beauty UK lipstick looks gorgeous! I think it's one of those brands I've never really noticed before haha. I've got absolutely loads of Boots points waiting to be spent, it's like I'm waiting for something special and I have no idea why. You've inspired me to go on a spree! :)

    Hannah x

    1. I never paid much attention to Beauty UK until recently and I've been so impressed with the quality of their products. Hope you enjoy your Boots spree, feels great to use your points instead of cash!xx

  2. Are the sinful colours good? I was in the boots with my friend last week and we didnt know whether they'd be any good as they're so cheap! But then again, I love natural collection products and they're cheap so...!!
    Love this haul :)

    1. I really like Sinful Colors, pretty good quality considering the price and the colour range is fab. Plus the bottles are really cute! Glad I've found a fellow Natural Collection fan, I love their stuff!xx


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