Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review | Topshop Eyes Duo 'Harlow Sunset'

Topshop makeup is without a doubt one of my favourite brands at the moment. I purchased this little beauty a few months ago along with some other bits and bobs and thought I'd review it as it's definitely worthy of some attention.  Being a huge fan of Topshop makeup already, having purchased and fallen in love with some of their brilliant lipsticks in the past  (which you can read about here if you fancy lusting after some pretty pink colours!) I knew I'd be on to a good thing by branching out and trying their eyeshadow range, and I'm now officially head over heels. This little Topshop Eyes Duo baked eyeshadow comes in a range of shimmery shades, including a gorgeous neutral pairing. I decided to venture out and try something a little different though, and went for 'Harlow Sunset', an aubergine and beige gold combination. 

How pretty is the packaging? I like great packaging and design as it looks appealing in my make-up bag, although I try to avoid purchasing products based solely on looks! Luckily the quality of 'Harlow Sunset' is fantastic. The powder itself is buttery soft, making it a real pleasure to apply. Topshop describe it as having a 'velvet finish' and it definitely lives up to that claim. It blends easily and the pigmentation of both halves is strong. I use my fingertip or a large shadow brush to sweep the lighter shade all over the lid, followed by a smaller blending brush to apply the darker shade along my lash line and in the socket. 

The beige gold shade is flecked with a slight iridescent gleam that changes ever so slightly depending on lighting. It really is beautiful! The aubergine shadow is a wonderful dark purple colour with flecks of gold, although it's not as shimmery as it's partner, making it excellent for defining the eye. The two halves can be blended together easily and they're very flattering on my pale complexion and blue/green/grey eyes (my eyes seem to change colour often, bizarrely!) I've been using this duo as a change from my usual shimmery neutral eye look during the day, although it could also be used to create a more glamourous evening look. You could also try using the shadows with a slightly damp brush for an even more intense shot of colour.

Topshop Eyes baked duo shadows currently retail at £6 which I think is a great price for such a high quality product. The aubergine shade does suffer from a very slight fallout when applying, but as long as you dust some loose powder beneath your eyes before applying, you can whisk away any minor fallout with a tissue afterwards. Simple!

Are you a fan of Topshop makeup? Browse their collection here

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  1. I've been eyeing this up for ages. I love champagne and aubergine shades so this is gorgeous. Topshop make up is so high quality too.


    1. It really is great quality and they always have a good range of unusual colours which I love! Not your typical drugstore brand xx

  2. I am the biggest sucker for cute packaging! This duo looks right up street, definitely on my latest wishlist!

    Rosie xo

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, I love a bit of cute packaging! And the product itself is well worth the £6 price tag xx

  3. This is gorgeous! I love topshop makeup, need to try this out :)

    Daisie Petals

    1. Topshop makeup is great, so many fab products. Would love to know what your faves are!xx


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