Sunday, 4 August 2013

the Bluebird & the Robin on Bloglovin'

Just a little note to say that as my blog address has changed from to I am now to be found at a different place on Bloglovin'! Having contacted their support team I am eagerly waiting for them to switch my followers from my old blog address to my new one, but if you fancy popping over and giving the new and improved the Bluebird & the Robin a follow, I'd very much appreciate it! 

Bloglovin' is how I keep up to date with all my favourite blogs of all sorts of genres and covering all sorts of topics, and it's super easy to use. All the blogs you love to read in one place- simple and quick! Perfect for the ferocious readers among us. 

You can find and follow the Bluebird & the Robin on Bloglovin' here

This week I've got lots of lovely posts lined up, including a peek into the first tarot party I recently hosted, some poetry related surprises and of course, reviews of the beauty products I've been using recently. Stay tuned!

Imogen x 

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