Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tarot | Here comes the sun

As the weather turns colder I increasingly find myself playing a game of 'chasing the sun' whenever I'm outside. If it's particularly chilly in the morning I make sure I walk on the side of the road where the sun is hitting, so I can soak up the few rays available! It's amazing how even a tiny amount of sun on a cold winter's day can make a difference; immediately I notice a slight tingling on my cheeks and frozen hands, a little bit of warmth combating the cold wind. 

While generally I'm an autumn/winter kind of gal I sure do miss the sun once the clocks change in late October. I find it quite hard to motivate myself to do anything other than hibernate when it starts getting dark at 4pm, and it often feels as if the day is over before it's even begun. We can feel a little lost without the bright sun guiding our way and bathing us in warmth, and by December my soul is itching for lighter evenings and brighter day times. 

The Sun in tarot is a card of warmth, of growth, of energy and of joy. It is a 'happiness' card, a card of illumination and clarity. The sunflowers burst forth and reach out to the sun, and likewise we spend hours during winter slowly growing roots and shoots and buds before bursting forth come Spring time. We might not always feel the sun's presence or guidance, but we can hold on to the rays felt in warmer months and draw upon them during the colder months.

Sometimes it can feels as if we lack guidance and warmth, struggling through what can seem like an endless winter without anything to light our way or nourish us. Yet eventually the sun rises higher and sets later, and we no longer have to play so many games of 'chasing the sun'. Suddenly the sun is everywhere! 

Keep the sun in mind during your winters, and trust that he will always return. 

Baci e abbracci, 

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