Thursday, 21 November 2013

Wedding | Menu tasting

A lot of wedding planning tasks are undeniably fun. I loved trying on wedding dresses, I loved visiting our venue for the first time, and I loved finding our wedding cars. But the wedding menu tasting was without a doubt the most fun Chris and I have had together throughout the wedding planning process. Eating plate after plate of delicious food isn't exactly stressful! It's pretty much the best date ever as you're being waited on hand and foot, a never ending supply of wine and food being brought to your table. Yes please! 

The menu tasting fell slap bang in the middle of a hectic wedding planning/hen do/stag do week and it was most definitely the break we needed to chill out and have some fun. We both want great food at the wedding and getting to try all kinds of different dishes was awesome. Neither of us had been to a tasting before so we weren't quite sure what to expect. It turns out the only rule is to go with an empty stomach because you get given SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! I hadn't eaten all day, which was perfect, and I more than made up for it! 

First up were glasses of Prosecco followed by various different red and white wines. Now, neither of us are exactly wine connoisseurs so we sort of bluffed our way through it but we were eventually able to decide on which wines we liked best! We joked that as we'll be so busy on the wedding day we should treat the tasting like our very own wedding meal, so there was lots of clinking of glasses and toasts between the two of us. It sort of felt like we were celebrating our wedding and marriage together, just the two of us, in secret before celebrating with everyone else on the day itself. 

We tasted six canapes, all of which were incredible, and we ate every last bite of the dishes brought out to us. I brought along my trusty wedding planning notebook to make notes, all of which went along the lines of 'amazing, delicious, fab, to die for'. There wasn't a dud canape to be found! We tasted three main meat courses, plates piled high with lamb, chicken, beef, potatoes, veg, Yorkshire pudding, gravy... There's something super luxurious about having someone constantly bring you plates of fine food! We polished off the lot and again there wasn't anything we really didn't like. We also tasted a vegetarian option which was delicious, and I made sure I tucked into every helping of roast potatoes brought out as HELLO, roast potatoes are insanely tasty.

Next up was pudding, aaaah pudding! The best part of any meal! We tried apple crumble and custard, creme brulee, chocolate brownie and ice cream and once again managed to finish absolutely everything. I've never felt so well fed in my life! The atmosphere at our wedding venue that evening was magical. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and excited for us; it only served to confirm that we've picked the right place and we left feeling even more excited about the big day. With only months to go I was starting to flag and needed something to give me a wedding planning boost! The wedding menu tasting did just that! 

Trusty notebook at the ready

Post dinner cocktails!
As for what we picked... Well, that would be telling! You'll have to wait until January to find out ;)

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  1. We've gone for our pre-tasting meeting, so excited to go for the proper tasting! The food you tried sounds really tasty! :)

    Helen x

    1. It was so much fun, I'm sure you'll love your tasting! :) xx

  2. Can I do this even if I'm not getting married?

    Ha sounds like an amazing time, I can't wait to see what you've chosen.

    hmm maybe...

    1. Haha, well you could always try?! It was so much fun, I wish I could go to tastings all the time!xx


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