Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Lost Ones

At the bottom of my many makeup bags lie beautiful products long forgotten, neglected, forsaken. In my defense I don't necessarily relegate items on purpose... They just sort of end up lost among the many other products I purchase as the weeks roll by. Alas, no more! When rooting around for products to take to my fiance's this week (we're living together, alone, just the two of us for the next three weeks. No, we're not that traditional, we just both happen to live at home still, together really as we see each other every day, but I digress!) I stumbled upon some forgotten gems that I couldn't believe I'd abandoned over the past year or so. These babies are all amazing! I'm taking them out of retirement and giving them another hoorah. 

How I love this foundation! I think it ended up archived because there's only a teeny bit left in the tube and it's really quite expensive so I must have been saving it for a 'special occasion'. I wore this every day last Autumn and Winter after receiving a tube for my birthday, and it's just brilliant. It gives fantastic full coverage without looking at all heavy or cakey, and it feels so smooth and luxurious. If I recall correctly it does require quite a lot of blending as the palest shade ('Cream Ivory') is a little too yellow toned for me, but I can live with that. It also requires powder to set it, or you run the risk of mid morning shine, but again I can live with that, as the coverage and finish is incredible! I've now got my eye on a Laura Mercier primer and Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation as I reckon these might be a brilliant tag team for keeping me matte all day long. If you're looking for more of a luminous finish, you can't go wrong with Silk Creme. 

This is definitely more of a Winter base for me, as it can make me a little shiny when worn during the summer months. It gives quite light coverage but is creamy enough to look and feel satisfyingly 'thorough', and when teamed with a good concealer this is a great option for when you want a healthy 'glow'. The colour ('Light') is perfect and not at all orange or too yellow, and it lasts well throughout the day when set with a light dusting of powder. I really like this for when I don't want to wear as heavy a base as usual, and after watching Lisa Eldridge's video on covering acne prone skin, I'm convinced that a lighter foundation paired with a targeted heavier concealer might be the way to go for faking flawless skin!

I'm usually a light pink or peach blusher kind of gal but this caught my eye after seeing it mentioned on a blog post (bad blogger here, I can't remember which blog... Sorry!) I've wanted to experiment with a darker blush for a while but didn't want to spend lots, so went with this Seventeen bargain. It's only now it's Autumn that I can see myself reaching for this more, and I was pleasantly surprised to test it out again recently. It adds a nice depth of colour without being too 'plummy' or chalky and it's been fun to discover that I can actually pull off colours other than your standard pinks and peaches! I find Seventeen makeup to be great quality considering the purse friendly prices and I may just have to have a peek at the other shades on offer. 

Now, there is absolutely no excuse for letting this blusher brick slip through the net as it's super gorgeous and works like a dream at brightening up my tired, pale morning face. I haven't seen many reviews of Superdrug's B. makeup and skincare line but I've made quite a few purchases and the quality of every product has been brilliant. I love all of the five shades contained in this blusher compact, from the deepest pink for adding a pop of colour to the white shimmer strip for highlighting. Not at all overly shimmery, this gives a really healthy glow and works in every season. I can't wait to use this throughout Autumn/Winter, it really is a hidden gem and it's also so pretty to look at! The handy mirror is a nice touch, too. 

I went through a serious eyeshadow palette phase last year and one of the beauties I picked up, and then swiftly discarded, was Sleek's 'Storm' palette. Until recently I've been all about the neutral eye and never ventured into the world of colour, so I just didn't really get much use out of this beautiful selection. However! When I cracked this open a few days ago and saw the cranberry and pink shadows I was hooked! I'm absolutely obsessed with all things pink, pomegranate, cranberry and plum when it comes to eyes at the moment and I'm so glad to have rediscovered this. To be fair there are also quite a few nude colours in this and they're all shimmery which is my weakness! I'm loving the forest green shade as well. A successful palette all around!

I think I have more lip products than any other beauty item and I was thrilled to find these bad boys hidden away in my stash. From the top we've got RevlonSuper Lustrous Lipstick 'Cherry Blossom' (£7.49), MUA Lip Colour Tint 'Crazy In Love' (£3) and Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour 'Pick Peony' (£19)

Don't let the red bullet deceive you, as 'Cherry Blossom' is actually more of a fuchsia pink when applied. I like to blot this after applying to create more of a stain effect and it's going to be one I reach for frequently throughout Autumn. 

I picked up a couple of MUA's Colour Tint lip crayons a while back and forgot all about 'Crazy in Love' but I'm now head over heels for it. Again, I like to blot this one to give more of a stain, although it can be layered for stronger intensity. Colour wise it's a lovely raspberry red colour with touches of pink, and it makes my teeth look whiter which is a plus! 

I received 'Pink Peony' as a birthday present almost a year ago and it's so different to all of the other pinks in my collection. Bobbi Brown describe it as a 'medium toned pink' and it's a lot brighter and stronger when on than in the bullet, so I tend to prefer it to for evenings. It makes a welcome change to my current reds and berries obsession! 

I've spilled my stash, let me know what hidden gems you've found in yours! 

Baci e abbracci, 
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  1. Lovely post! Although I never really understood the hype around the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation.. It just doesn't work well on my skin at all. Oh, how I really wanted it to...

    1. Thanks hun! I've heard a few mixed reviews, I really like the coverage it gives and how smooth it feels but I do think £33 is a little steep! Especially as one tube doesn't seem to last that long :( xx

  2. Lovely post. I find that I often forget about some of my favorite makeup items to only rediscover them at a later date and fall back in love. I don't have the Sleek Storm Palette but have always wanted to get it because it looks gorgeous!

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. It's so great when that happens, sort of like going shopping all over again but not spending any money!xx

  3. Its amazing how many products get over looked or forgotten about!
    I love all the lip products you have rediscovered. The bobbi brown one is especially pretty.

    I have quite a few foundations that I have to put them on rotation otherwise I would wear the same one everyday

    1. I know what you mean about rotation, at the moment I'm using two BB creams and three foundations! And yet some still slip through the net and disappear, only to be discovered months later! Haha :) xx

  4. That is actually my (current) favourite Sleek palette and I am a total slave to most of Sleek products. That isn't because of any loyalty per se, but because I find for my skin/eyes/lips etc, Sleek just works the best for me. Saying it is my favourite palette might be a problem as I got their Vintage Romance i-Divine palette yesterday and is is gorgeous for Autumn.

    Looking through my stash I have just found a couple of MUA's eyeshadow singles that were actually backups for ones I had hit pan on. Those babies are coming out to get used as one is perfect for my brows and the other a perfect highlighter for the middle of the eyelid! Just realized how ridiculous it is that I bought a backup of something I loved *so* much only for it to actually be sat in my drawer with the hygiene tab intact!

    Fi xoxox

  5. I love the colour of that Bobbi Brown lippy, it's perfect.
    New follower

  6. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is my favourite foundation for this time of year! I like the more luminous finish it gives so I can get away with not powdering - such a bonus! Also, I've never tried a Bobbi Brown lippy, but this one looks lovely =) Are they quite moisturising? It loos really creamy in the picture! xx

    Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  7. Ooh I was looking for a good shimmer blusher! Was going to buy the Bobbi brown one but it's ridiculously expense. Will definitely be giving this a try

    Holly |


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