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Nostalgia alert! First Time tag

I'm so nostalgic that there was no chance I was passing up on this wonderful tag! 
I love nothing more than flipping through old photo albums and creating memory scrapbooks, so a First Time blog post is right up my street. I'm also an avid genealogy buff, my love for all things nostalgia reaching as far back as the late 1600s, all in the name of family research! I read through Megan's post with glee, hoping she'd tag me and she did! Thanks doll :) Be sure to check out her post to find out who Sassy Precocious is..! With a name like that I bet you can't resist a peek!

First best friend

In nursery my best friend was a girl named Sinead. I remember spending countless mornings standing together in front of the art table, painting our hands blue and giggling the whole time before being sternly told to rinse our hands off at once! I also remember Sinead's family owning a pub which I thought was pretty cool, as there was always so much room to run around and play. 

My first 'proper' best friend was Alice, who is now my maid of honour! We grew up on the same street and became friends when we were about six before falling out of contact for a few years until we were about twelve. We've been inseparable ever since and have had some interesting adventures together! From our first time drinking alcohol (and suffering an almighty hangover that I haven't repeated since) to supporting each other through heartaches and cheering each other on when falling in love, we've been with each other every step of the way and she's more like a sister to me than a best friend. We speak in our own bizarre language of accents and random noises, which never fails to annoy my long suffering fiance, although he's so used to it now he understands what we're saying even when it sounds like nonsense! I'm so glad I'll have Alice by my side on my wedding day as I know she'll be the best support a girl could ask for. Plus, she's sure to give a rocking speech! 

First kiss

My first kiss, if you can count a quick peck on the lips as part of a very tame game of spin the bottle as a first kiss (!), was with a boy who lived in my neighbourhood. I must have been about eight or nine and our parents used to celebrate New Year's Eve together every year with a bunch of other families from the neighbourhood. To say I was excited would be an understatement, as I was head over heels for this boy and felt on top of the world after! This was a crush that continued long into my teenage years until I realised it wasn't going to be reciprocated *sobs* Still, at least I got my first kiss!

First concert

I'm pretty sure my first concert was to see the Spice Girls when I was in primary school. I went with my best friend at the time, Rebecca, and our mums and we had a blast! I was so excited I didn't sleep the night before and ended up feeling really ill on the day, but I pulled through and had the time of my life. It was right before Geri quit (still traumatised, by the way) so we got to see all of them strutting their stuff. I was a HUGE Spice Girls fan and had all their albums and singles on tape. I made it my mission to learn every word of every song and my friends and I devised all sorts of ridiculous dance routines during break time at school! 

One of my favourite Spice Girls related moments was when I got to try on Geri Halliwell's costumes. Definitely still up there as one of the best days of my life! My Dad worked at the auction house where she auctioned off her Spice Girls outfits and I was lucky enough to be invited to try on a selection of her clothes, including the famous Union Jack Dress. Strangely, her clothes fit me which is a bit worrying as I was about nine at the time! I had an absolute blast and took a ton of seriously cringe worthy photos (evidence below). When the Spice Girls reformed a few years back my friend Lisa booked us tickets and so I got to see them perform live again, and it was seriously the BEST night! I completely lost my voice from screaming and singing along, and I burst into tears countless times from sheer excitement. See, told you I love a bit of nostalgia!

First celeb crush

I must have been quite a logical child when it came to matters of the heart as I didn't 'believe' in celeb crushes. I figured I'd probably never meet them so what was the point?! I did fall head over heels for Zac Efron when High School Musical was released when I was 16, although that was less of a 'crush' and more of an appreciation of his fine form *sigh* I still think he's pretty hot to be honest, he only gets better with age! I was heartbroken when he split with Vanessa Hudgens, as they were the perfect couple and Troy and Gabriella were supposed to be together forever! Yes, I know I'm mixing up real life with fiction, but, in the words of HSM3, 'I want the rest of my life to feel just like a High School Musical' *sob* 

First job

When I was 14 my stepmum's friend offered Alice and I a leaflet dropping gig for her estate agent company. We were paid £20 to walk around South West for two days straight, dropping leaflets in peoples' letterboxes, and it definitely counts as one of the worst jobs I've ever had! Not only did it rain the whole time, but the leaflets were stored in flimsy cardboard boxes, which quickly disintegrated in the rain, meaning we had to shove leaflets in random Sainsburys bags which we took from a Sainsburys local. It was absolutely awful, although at the time £20 seemed like enough to make it worthwhile!

First phone

I had your average brick phone to begin with, when I was about twelve, one that sent texts and received calls and that was about it! I remember constantly running out of credit texting my friends in the evening after school, much to my mum's annoyance. I then progressed to a small Samsung flip phone when I was a teenager which I thought was awesome as, duh, it was a flip phone! I ran up a huge £150 bill one evening on the phone to my first 'boyfriend' (we saw each other three times in the space of two months before deciding to 'go on a break'!) which my Dad wasn't best pleased with! Now I have an IPhone and am predictably, boringly addicted to all of it's wonderful functions. I take all my blog pictures with it and am constantly on Twitter and Instagram chatting to friends and fellow bloggers. It's crazy how much time I spend on my phone! It's sort of difficult to remember what life was like without it...

First music I bought

Tape wise, the first music I bought (or rather, was given) was the Spice Girls Spice album, as well as various other pop albums such as B*Witched and Steps. The first CD I remember owning was Corona's 'The Rhythm of the Night' which for some reason I was obsessed with! I also remember absolutely loving an M People album, haha, eclectic taste I guess! I've always loved buying CDs and even though I have an ipod I rarely use it, to be honest. I have shelves packed full of CDs from the past fifteen years or so and I can't bring myself to discard any of them, even the weird random singles and CDs that came free with magazines! I'm just not one for downloading, I love the feel of a new CD in my hands and I always enjoy leafing through the booklet that comes in each case (even better if the words to the songs are included!)

First tweet

Before my current Twitter account I had a different one but decided to merge the two. I have no idea what my first tweet was! I'm pretty sure my first tweet on my current account was about tarot, as I started the account primarily to tweet and blog about tarot. There are too many to scroll back through!

First makeup 

I've always been a makeup obsessive, and I remember buying Shout magazine from the age of 8 primarily for the free makeup attached! I had a peach blusher, Collection 2000 frosted pink lipstick, black eyeliner pencil and Collection 2000 black mascara, to name a few freebies. Before my magazine obsession kicked in I had makeup from Woolworths, usually linked to a brand, such as a Polly Pocket fuchsia pink lipstick and a pack of pink and red peel-off nail varnishes. When I first started buying makeup with my pocket money it was usually from Spectacular (remember the white nail varnish?!) and Secret Weapon at Superdrug, home of the glittery green hair mascara and gold flecked roll-on body glitter. I also had quite a collection of 99p fruit flavoured roll-on lipglosses from the local market and of course various hand-me-downs from my mum, including a L'Oreal mascara that I remember being obsessed with, and a shimmery beige Rimmel eyeshadow that came in a plastic maroon coloured case. I also loved Collection 2000 products, especially the lipgloss wands, clear mascara and eyeshadow trios. Who didn't own the blues, browns and greens palettes?! 

First word

I just asked my mum what my first word was and she replied 'I have no idea', which says a lot really... Second child syndrome! I have a baby record book somewhere but I can't find it, so who knows?! Haha, my mum is the best mum ever but she's not overly sentimental or nostalgic, much like my grandma. I'm not sure where I get it from!

First pet

Now, this one I do know! My first pet was a goldfish who I named Armband. The story goes that I was about three years old and my parents asked me what I'd like to call my new pet. I immediately said 'Armband' and the name stuck. Hey, it's sort of logical! It's water related, at least!

After Armband I didn't have another pet until I was about eight, when we adopted a little black and white cat who we called Dusty. He was the greatest cat ever, I promise you, he was truly the best cat in the whole world. He was so gentle, snuggly and calm and he loved sitting on my lap for cuddles. Unfortunately he developed a string of health problems later in life, including going blind, but you couldn't tell! He still prowled around outside and moved around the house as usual, using his ultra incredible sense of smell to guide him! He passed away a few years ago and I've never felt heart break like it. I think it's because pets are so innocent and sweet and just lovely that it hurts in a very unique way when they die. I cried for days and still get a little upset now and again but I'm eager to adopt a little kitten as it's so nice having a little creature wandering around the house! Pets are the best, I can't imagine never having another one. 

Right, that's me done! I'd love to see the following bloggers have a go at the First Time Tag as it's so much fun and I'm such a nosy person that I'd love to read more tales of nostalgia! In fact I'd love to read any and every First Time post so if you're not 'tagged' don't let that put you off! Go ahead and get nostalgic, and leave me a link to your post!

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  1. 'Second child Syndrome' I have that too! This is the best childhood photo I have ever seen, Geri Halliwell must have been tiny!

    Grace x


    1. Haha, second child syndrome is the worst! ;)Oh my gosh the photo is so embarrassing, ahaha I had to throw it in though! I must have thought I was the bee's knees! She really must have been teeny tiny, it was the smallest dress!xx

  2. I loved your answers :') I agree with second child syndrome although I'm the third child drama lol, I reaaaaaally want to know as well lol xxx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Oh no, third child drama, one step more severe than second child syndrome! Haha, it seems you have to be first born to have an accurate record of all your first moments!xx

  3. Oh wow I have no idea what my first words were either!! haha I guess mine if a 'third child syndrome'!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


    1. At this rate we should all form a support group! Haha xx


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