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Review | Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow*

Hands up if you're a body scrub fanatic? Yep, me too! I usually reach for Soap & Glory, my favourite high street range, but when the opportunity arose to test out the wonderful Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow* from the Sp@ Home Body Exotics range I couldn't resist. I've always been hugely impressed with Elemis bath and body products, particularly their Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream which I was lucky enough to receive as a gift from my fiance last Christmas, and so I knew it was likely I'd fall in love with the newly released Skin Softening Salt Scrub. 

Aiming to gently exfoliate skin through the inclusion of mineral rich salts and hibiscus plant, as well as deliver a long lasting moisture boost via the scrub's soothing coconut oil base, Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is a truly luxurious body scrub perfect for a spot of me-time pampering and indulgence. Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so, as my tub's contents has been mysteriously decreasing in size ever since I left it in the bathroom! 

I couldn't write a review on this without at least attempting to convey the wonderfully rich, warm aroma of the Frangipani range. Aaagh it smells amazing! I'm not brilliant at describing fragrances but I figured I'd play a little game of word association and hope for the best (!): 


Some more 'technical' words would be 'Tahitian Monoi Oil' and 'fragipani flowers' but in case you're not sure what such a blend would smell like/feel like, word association is surely the way to go! Needless to say, it smells divine. Rich, full, heady and delicious, a seriously luxurious fragrance that lingers long after my bath, both in the bathroom and on the skin. I love it when products leave a subtle scent after rinsing, and this is no exception. 

Admittedly the somewhat hefty price tag of £36.50 might cause a few wide eyes, but the tub is a generous size (480g) and a little really does go a long way. Plus, it really does work. I like to scoop out a small handful of scrub while in the bath and massage it on to my skin gently in small circles, starting at my feet and working my way up to my arms. While the product doesn't 'lather' as such it does have a creaminess to it that makes it easy to spread and massage on to the skin with no dragging or scratching. The scrub particles vary from super fine to larger pieces but they're comfortable and not at all irritating. I was instantly struck by how softening I found the scrub to be, noticeable even on wet skin. The bath water develops a lovely soft, slightly oily texture meaning you feel very much cocooned in moisture. Upon rinsing with warm water my skin feels noticeably nourished and smooth, meaning that once dry I can skip body lotion without risking tightness or dryness on problem areas such as my legs and upper arms. This nourishment lasts, unlike some bath products that claim to lock in moisture for a long period of time yet fail to follow through.

The tub the scrub is housed in is super sturdy and although it looks like glass it's actually a strong plastic that holds well and shouldn't break if you happen to drop it on the bathroom floor. The metal lock keeps the contents secure and it looks pretty darn lovely on my bathroom shelf! 

While expensive, Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is well worth the price in my opinion as it's such a treat to use and should last a long time (so long as my mum stops pinching it!) Speaking of my mum, after trying it for the first time she came downstairs, a look of amazement on her face, before exclaiming 'Imy, feel how soft my skin is! It's a miracle!' A truly impartial nugget of praise from my mum there! If you're looking for a pampering product that delivers high quality results and is a joy to use, then this is definitely something to try. Remember, it's only three months until Christmas..! 

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* PR sample. Review is entirely my own, as explained further in my Disclaimer.


  1. I love a good scrub!

    The jar looks amazingly like glass! I am too scared to have glass bottles and jars in my bath/shower since I drop everything about 3 times during every shower!!

    1. Oh my gosh me too, this is definitely one for the bath rather than the shower what with my clumsy hands! I like to keep it firmly on the side of the bath and reach into it rather than hold it, haha xx

  2. Oooh, this sounds lovely! I always forget to use body scrub but I've been trying to get myself into it! Might just look into this one as I love the words that you picked to describe the smell! Describing smells is just so hard, but I think you did a pretty good job! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. It really is gorgeous and the smell is divine! Seriously, I cannot get over how good it smells! Haha glad you liked my game of word association, I find it really difficult to describe scents, just wait until my next Elemis bath and body product review, even more fun words at the ready!xx

  3. I love a good body scrub (the ones from The Body Shop are my favorite!) This looks so beautiful and the Elemis products I've used in the past have always been amazing : ) xxx

    1. I'm a big Body Shop fan as well, I can't wait to try out their new Honey scrub! Their body butters are also amazing :) Elemis bath and body never fail to disappoint, so luxurious and pampering xx


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