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Tarot | Weekly Draw | The High Priestess

The High Priestess from the Robin Wood tarot
Tarot Weekly Draw is a one card approach to exploring the tarot. Every Monday morning I shuffle my cards, cut the pile three times, reshuffle and choose the card on the top of the pile. The card that comes up contains a message or energy for the week ahead. 

The High Priestess

When the High Priestess makes an appearance in my personal readings I often smile, as I know she most likely indicates hidden answers that I need to discover and understand in my own time. Rather than give the game away she prompts me to look within myself and take responsibility for the path I am on and the choices I am contemplating. 

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck The High Priestess holds a scroll containing our life stories, our paths. Yet at that moment we may not be able to 'see' our path laid out in front of us quite so easily. The High Priestess represents intuition and wisdom; she encourages contemplation and the importance of listening to our inner voice in order to understand the mystery of whatever it is we are struggling to understand at that moment. She is a reassuring card in that she confirms we are capable of self discovery. We can find strength within ourselves on our journey. 

More often than not we know the answer to our questions, yet for various reasons we can't quite accept them or process them yet. The High Priestess reminds us that we have the information and guidance within, and so it is wise to pay attention to our intuitive voice. Self discovery is often a gradual process and it's OK to take our time. She represents the ineffable, the answers we can sense rather than put into words. There is a beauty in her stillness and in the stillness she encourages. 

As part of the Major Arcana, the High Priestess represents an important stage of our individual journey. Each Major Arcana cards relates to a lesson or experience that carries deeper meaning than how it may at first appear on the surface. When the High Priestess is present in a reading we can be sure that there are wider life lessons to be learned, lessons that spread far beyond the boundaries of the situation we are consulting the cards on. She may, for example, appear in relation to a problem you are experiencing in a way that indicates there is a level of hidden superficial knowledge yet to be revealed that will aid our understanding at a later date. While the situation may not necessarily be one predominantly of personal growth or major life change, the lessons learned by the experience of The High Priestess can have a greater effect in time. 

I must admit, the High Priestess is one of my favourite cards! She has helped me look within myself over the past ten months or so and begin the sometimes difficult journey of healing from anxiety. When I was frantically searching for answers, pleading with the world to send me a 'hint' or a 'confirmation' of what I should be doing, she made an appearance time and time again, forcing me to look within myself and make the switch from 'I am lost' thinking to 'I am found'.

What do you see in The High Priestess?
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