Friday, 6 December 2013

Beauty | Christmas Nails

Glitter and sparkle, glitter and sparkle! I must admit I usually keep it very simple with my nails, sticking to classic nudes and rich reds, but seeing as I'm feeling so festive and in the Christmas spirit I thought I'd add a little sparkle to this week's manicure! I used to love wearing glitter polish when I was little, and who's to say you can't wear it at 25?! The book I'm resting my hand on is a copy of one of my Christmas favourites, Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Christmas nails and Christmas reading, a perfect combination!

For the red base I used two thin coats of MUA Nail Polish 'Fever Red' (£1) which gave a lovely opaque coverage, followed by a thin layer of Orly 'Hair Band' (£5) which I received as a freebie with last month's Cosmopolitan magazine. I'm a big fan of teeny nail polish brushes and find MUA's little brushes really easy to work with, especially as I'm a bit of a polish klutz at times! I'm so impressed with the opacity and quick drying time considering the £1 price tag, and I've got quite a few different colours in my collection as they're such excellent value and great quality. 

Picture of MUA nail polish fever red and Orly lacquer hair band
Orly Lacquer 'Hair Band', MUA Nail Polish 'Fever Red'

I have a theory that the cheaper the polish the better in many cases... I used to use a 2True top coat that I got from Superdrug for about £2 and it was amazing! It kept my nails chip free for over a week at a time and it was super shiny too. I do love more expensive brands such as Essie and OPI but I don't really see the point in always spending over a fiver on nail polish as more often than not I use a bottle two or three times and then move on to a different colour. Ah, fickle heart!

I love the little gold glitter pieces in Orly's 'Hair Band' and the cute little bottle. Plus, it dries quickly which is always good in my book. I'm not sure I'd pay £5 for it though as it is tiny and I wouldn't say it beats it's cheaper MUA counterpart. Still, it adds a gorgeous festive touch to my mani, which can only be a good thing at this time of year!

What are your favourite festive nail picks? I'd love to hear recommendations!

Baci e abbracci, 
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  1. Great colour combination Imogen - I love your festive nails! xx
    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thanks hun! Got to love a bit of glitter at this time of year! Hehe xx


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