Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Gratitude | December 1st 2013

Happy 1st December! The countdown to Christmas begins today, and I thoroughly enjoyed cracking open my advent calendar this morning and munching on some chocolate! I'm settling down to write today's post with a warm mince pie and cup of tea to hand, feeling very snug indeed. Here's what I'm grateful for this week...

I'm grateful for a lesson learned

The past few weeks have been a little up and down, and I've really wanted to throw in the towel with uni work on numerous occasions. I had to request an extension for an essay as I was finding it impossible to tackle the research and writing required, and once the anxiety gremlins take hold it's really difficult to kick them to the curb. 

. However, rather than give up and run away from it all, I decided to keep going, one step at a time, slowly slowly. I've now typed up my assignment and just need to edit it a little tomorrow before sending it off. Even though it isn't brilliant I feel so proud of myself for pushing through and at least giving it a go, as I know it was important to face the fear and not run from it as I've tended to do in the past. A hard lesson to learn but an important one. 

I'm grateful for Christmas movies

I've stumbled upon a wonderful antidote to anxiety and panic attacks this past week: Channel 5 afternoon movies! They all seem to be Christmas themed now that we're getting closer to the 25th, and it turns out there's nothing more relaxing than a cheesy American made for TV movie! I've managed to watch quite a few this week, in between studying and wedding prep, and I'm not in the least bit embarrassed to admit I've really enjoyed them! 

I'm grateful for tarot

This week I've started a new routine of randomly selecting three cards every morning, and I'm finding the process of reflecting on the cards and recording my thoughts very therapeutic. The 
Tarot has proven to be a very gentle and comforting tool lately and I love how  reflecting on the cards allows me a little daily meditation time. I've been posting Tarot Trios on Instagram and am hoping to start including them on the blog as well. Keep your eyes peeled!

I'm grateful for bus journeys

A bit of a random one, I know, but I love bus rides, especially in winter. Waiting in the cold makes nabbing a seat feel even better! Yesterday I indulged in some people watching and loved seeing families heading to the local park, kids kicking up leaves, dogs running around.  Everything looks crisp and fresh, Christmas lights are springing up everywhere and shops are looking so cosy and festive. It's nice to get out and about and see the sights from the top deck!

I'm grateful for reaching 300 followers on Bloglovin'!

This morning I received a lovely email that instantly put a smile on my face: I've made it to 300 followers on Bloglovin'! This was such a welcome surprise as I've been finding it quite difficult recently to write up posts, so I'm thrilled to know that people are still taking a peep at the Bluebird & the Robin. I've got lots of ideas bubbling away for 2014 and reaching milestones like this gives me such a boost during tricky anxiety ridden times. I'm going to keep on writing and doing my thing!

What are you grateful for this week?

Baci e abbracci, 

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