Monday, 23 December 2013

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The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun in the Massey household! I've been wrapping presents, eating minced pies and watching a whole host of classic holiday movies over the past few days. Oklahoma! is on in the background as I sit here typing, and earlier today I watched the Crimbo classic The Santa Claus. You can't get more Christmassy than that!

I thought it would be nice to pull a few cards to keep in mind over the festive season. The Four of Wands is a wonderful card depicting celebration, home and family, which seems pretty appropriate! I absolutely love Christmas, from sharing presents to eating a huge family Christmas dinner and everything in between. No matter how busy you've been over the past year it's lovely to gather around and reconnect with family and friends, and the sense of excitement and anticipation in the air makes for seriously fun times. As always I'm in charge of the pickle bar (!) and encourage everyone to wear the paper hats that come with the Christmas crackers. I can't wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to spend some quality time with my family and stuff my face with lots of delicious festive treats!

I smiled upon seeing the Page of Pentacles as to me he represents the giving and receiving of presents; particularly the giving. He admires the golden pentacle in his hands and truly appreciates what he's about to deliver. I bet he's great at choosing meaningful gifts for his loved ones! I really enjoy Christmas shopping as I love choosing presents for my loved ones, and I get a thrill from coming across the 'perfect' present. I spend quite a lot of time wrapping gifts with ribbons and bows; I'm quite an attentive gift wrapper! 

Perhaps the most important gift you can give at Christmas is time. Material gifts are nice, but 'emotional gifts' are even better. The gifts of listening and love will see you through further into the New Year than a Christmas jumper will ;) The Five of Pentacles reminds us that Christmas isn't always the easiest time, and it can feel incredibly difficult if it's not a stress-free period. Families always tend to have one or two problems, big or small, and spending a lot of time together over Christmas can get tricky after a day or two! I'm going to make an extra effort to act out of love throughout the festive period and to be understanding and appreciative of peoples' different needs and feelings, in order for no-one to feel left out or pushed aside. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas,

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