Friday, 24 February 2012

Chocoholics unite! The Body Shop Chocomania range: shower cream, body scrub, body butter & lip butter

This post should come with a warning: the following products, on purchase, may cause you to drool/want to lick yourself. Therefore I suggest having a chocolate bar close at hand when bathing with The Body Shop's new Chocomania range, in order to alleviate such cravings. Trust me, you'll need it! (Just so you know, the bottles come with a warning sign: unfit for consumption. So as much as you might want to consume them, don't!)

If you're a chocolate fan you'll most definitely appreciate the scent of Chocomania shower cream, body scrub, body butter and lip butter. Unlike some chocolate scented products produced by other brands, these actually smell like chocolate. Real, creamy, cocoa-y, buttery chocolate. Mmm. There's no other way to explain it; sweet, sugary but not sickly, warm and luxurious.

Chocomania Shower Cream 
I bought the products this morning and decided to test them out this evening. First up, the shower cream. Now don't be alarmed at the brown colour. Yes, it may seem a little bit strange at first but the smell more than makes up for the colour, especially as it really does seem as if you're bathing in chocolate sauce (in a very good way!) It lathers up excellently and has a gorgeous creamy texture. Did I mention the smell?!

I then opened the body scrub, which at first glance might also be said to look a little strange; dark brown, the colour of a baked chocolate brownie. But, oh, the smell! This is the product that smells the most authentically like a real bar of chocolate, so much so that I really did want to lick my arm and see if it tasted as good as I thought it might (I didn't though, hence the handy chocolate bar I nibbled on post-bath!)

Chocomania Body Scrub 
The scrub has a thick, gooey texture and rubs in easily, with a mixture of small and large buffers that really help slough away dead skin. It worked a treat at smoothing the tops of my arms and my sad winter feet.  

To finish I used the body butter. I've tried lots of Body Shop body butters in the past, including coconut, mango and olive, and they've all been great quality. This didn't let me down. Thick, with a balm-like texture which melts on contact with the skin, it sinks in quickly and leaves behind that scrumptious chocolate scent. It feels indulgent, a sophisticated chocolate body product rather than the cheaper ones you see on the high street. It's worth the investment if you're a die-hard chocoholic like me. 

And I just couldn't resist the matching lip butter, which shares that same delicious scent. It has a creamy texture and feels moisturising; and as it's applied to the mouth I think I can get away with giving it a few licks without anyone thinking I'm truly bonkers. Mmm. 

Chocomania lip butter 

Chocoholics unite and let me know what you think of the Chocomania range! 

Chocomania Body Scrub & Body Butter (200ml each)on offer 2 for £15 at The Body Shop (24/2/2012)

Shower Cream £4 (250ml)

Lip Butter £4 (10ml)


  1. Great review! I got the body butter and love it! Tempted now by the scrub x

  2. The scrub smells divine, if you love the body butter you won't be able to resist the scrub! It looks like chocolate brownie cake mix! The Body Shop have some good promotions on at the moment :D x

  3. Ooo looks fab! Love the look of the lip butter! xoxox

    1. The lip butter has a really nice shine to it when applied, and it smells so yummy!x


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