Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lip balm addiction and thoughts of summer sun

New blog new blog new blog! I'm not ashamed to admit I've given in to my beauty addiction and have finally set up a blog to indulge my habits. I'm a regular visitor of Boots and Superdrug on pay day, and spend a lot on beauty bits and bobs, so thought it time to write down my finds and favourites. Um, please excuse the photographs, my camera isn't the best and I'm still navigating my way around it... I'm sure they will improve over time *crosses fingers*

This week I've fully given in to my lip balm obsession. With news of the new Soap & Gloy 'A Great Kisser' lip balms I HAD to hit Boots and grab all three flavours. And trust me, I showed serious dedication by visiting four different stores before finally getting my hands on the goods! 

'A Great Kisser' Soap & Glory lip balms

As you can see from the pic above, there are three flavours/colours. From left: Juicy Peach, Sweet Coconut, and Chocolate Cherry. They leave more of a glossy finish rather than a balm, which I really like. They're incredibly long lasting and really do soothe chapped lips. My fave in terms of colour has to be Chocolate Cherry, which delivers a reddy sheer tint; my fave in terms of scent has to be Juicy Peach, which smells delicious. Sweet Coconut is growing on me, having perhaps neglected it in favour of the others so far. It leaves a nice subtle shimmer and works well on top of other lip colours as a clear gloss. 

Being the Soap & Glory obsessive that I am, I was expecting good things and these little beauties don't disappoint. Best thing is, they cost a very reasonable (in my opinion) £5 each.  

My next purchase was from a brand I haven't really visited since my early teens, but which I was surprised to discover has some great products for summer: 17 at Boots. I picked up the new Instant Glow Pink Bronze Bronzing Rocks based purely on how pretty they look in the packaging: 

17 at Boots Bronzing Rocks 

The rocks are a mixture of pink, gold and bronze and when used with a bronzing brush (which 17 also sell for under £3) they deliver a sheer wash of pinky-pearl colour. I've been using them mainly as a highlighter on my cheekbones and nose, brushing over the pink rocks in particular, although if you load your brush with more colour from the bronze rocks you'll see it will make a great bronzer come summer. The rocks come with a little sponge applicator which is handy if you're on the move, although I've found that using a big fluffy brush works much better at ensuring even application. All for £4.99 :) 

Do feel free to comment with any new product finds or long-standing faves. There's nothing wrong with indulging in thoughts on beautiful things every so often ;) 


  1. I was going to buy the Soap and Glory lipbalm, last time I was in Boots as my lip balm is running out and someone had put their finger in it. :( Luckily, the cashier told me to check it before I bought it! I couldn't be bothered to get another unused one! So really, they need extra packaging on them, like the plastic covering often used because some people are just inconsiderate and unable to read the word 'tester'!

    1. Oh no :( The balms I got were sealed with the plastic covering and definitely hadn't been opened. I'm one of those people who always takes the item from behind the first two or three on the shelf, haha, can't be too careful! x

  2. I am going to go buy the lip blames for my collection :) I have just done a soap and glory review and would love to have your opinion on it?

    Take care xx

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm heading over to your blog now to check it out :) xx

  3. I so want the lip balms but my local Boots don't stock them :(


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