Sunday, 19 February 2012

New winter skincare: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin

I suffer from occasional flare-ups of contact dermatitis on my face and have to be careful about which brands I use and which I avoid. Apparently it can be triggered by stress and I do tend to find that if I'm going through a difficult time my skin mirrors my mood. Perhaps a blog post about meditation is needed?! For now I'll focus on finding gentle products for sensitive skin :)

Upon hearing about the new Boots No7 Beautiful Skin skincare range, which takes the shape of a three-step skincare system similarly to more expensive brands, I just had to try it out to see if it lives up to its promise of making problem skin 'behave like normal skin'. High expectations! There are three ranges of products based on skin type: Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry and Dry/Very Dry. I chose the Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal/Dry skin (£9), as a I like using water to cleanse and it seemed a gentle option; the Normal/Dry Day Cream with SPF 15 and 5* UVA (£12.50); and the Dry/Very Dry Night Cream (£13.50) for an added evening moisture boost. 

No7 Cleansing Melt, Day Cream, Night Cream
Cleansing Melt Normal/Dry skin 
The cleansing melt goes through a three-step transformation when squeezed out of the tube: it starts as a gel before turning into an oil when applied to the skin, before finally transforming into a milk, making it super easy to rinse with no residue left behind. I really like the way the oil feels as if it's giving a thorough clean without leaving skin dry or tight, and it smells refreshing yet not overpowering. I've noticed less random spot attacks since using it every evening to remove make-up. 

The creams have a nice consistency, almost gel-like rather than thick or cloggy. The Day Cream sinks into skin easily although I feel it could be a touch more moisturising (perhaps the Dry/Very Dry would be better suited to my skin type)although it does make a great base for make-up. 

Beautiful Skin Day Cream and Night Cream 
The Night Cream is richer, and also sinks in easily without leaving a greasy residue (my pet hate). I have noticed that it stings a little around the nose and sometimes on areas of my face that are drier than usual. However, since using the three products and getting into a routine I've had far less outbreaks of dermatitis and my skin has stayed steady in terms of appearance and texture. I'm going to keep using them and see how my skin looks after a month or two. Hopefully it will continue to improve :)  

Full range of No7 Beautiful Skin products

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