Sunday, 19 February 2012

Italian haul: BasicBeauty and Kiko Make Up Milano

As a self-professed beauty junkie I couldn't resist picking up some goods last summer when I visited Cagliari, Sardinia with my boyfriend and his (Sardinian) family. I actually managed to forget my make-up case *cue tears and much stamping of my feet* but luckily the boyfriend's aunt new EXACTLY where to go. 

I was introduced to two amazing make-up shops: BasicBeauty and Kiko Make Up Milano. They literally sell nothing but make-up, make-up, make-up :D I was beside myself! They sell their own brand products, which I was more than happy to stock up on. In terms of UK equivalents I'd say BasicBeauty matches Rimmel and Maybelline whereas Kiko Make Up Milano is closer to Revlon or Maxfactor. The products were all reasonably priced, with eyeshadows, glosses and nail polishes coming in at around €5-10 and foundations, concealors and compacts under €15.   

First up was a trip to BasicBeauty, a shop located in central Cagliari near a cluster of clothes and jewellery shops, conveniently located right next to a great pizzeria. I came face to face with rows and rows of eye make-up, foundations and concealors, lipglosses, nail polishes...

BasicBeauty collection
BasicBeauty eyeshadows 'OP07' & 'OP05' and bronzer 'Terra Cotta' 

I couldn't resist the bronzer which is packed with golden shimmer (be warned: less is more!), two neutral eyeshadows which work as everyday basics, a gold nail polish to complement my summer tan ('NR.23'), and a light pink shimmery lipgloss. Although the bronzer is more of a summer item, the eyeshadows and lipgloss have seen me through the winter. The pigmentation of the shadows isn't brilliant but they were under €5 so I wasn't expecting miracles! The lipgloss comes out as a bubblegum light pink colour and feels very moisturising. 

BasicBeauty lipgloss 'GL06'

Next up was Kiko Make Up Milano, a shop located in a shopping mall in the 'suburbs' of Cagliari. I found Kiko even more exciting than BasicBeauty as the product packaging looks a little more expensive and professional and I found the range of products and colours on offer more extensive. Here's my Kiko haul:

Kiko Make Up Milano collection 
I found myself drawn to the fuchsia pink glittery gloss ('Instant Volume Lipgloss 12')and the pearl highlighter compact ('Silky Touch Powder: Almond Translucency'), which was part of a special summer collection.  It comes out EXTREMELY shimmery on the skin so you only need to lightly sweep a bronzing brush over the surface to get the right amount of shimmer needed to highlight cheekbones. It also works as a nude eyeshadow and for highlighting the brow bone and collar bone. I have a *slight* addiction to nude nail polishes and found the pale pink one in the sale section for €1. 50. I liked the greige colour of the middle nail polish and couldn't resist getting another gold one!  

Kiko Extra Volume lipgloss '12'

Kiko nail laquer '221', '319', '219' 

Kiko Make Up Milano advertise their mascaras as their go-to product, with each one costing under €5. I picked up the 'Unforgettable Mascara' in Black and it really is brilliant; it lengthens, adds definition and volume, and gives a very rich black colour when applied. The curved brush makes it easy to apply, lifting the eyelashes and making it possible to apply close to the lash line. I actually bought three: two for me (well I won't be going back for another year!) and one for my mum. 

Kiko Unforgettable mascara with curved brush 

I'm already making a list of items I'd like to stock up on when I go back to Cagliari in the summer :) 


  1. Great haul! I love trying foreign brands x

    1. Me too, I always pop into the chemists and department stores abroad to look for goodies!xx


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