Saturday, 15 June 2013

A surprisingly awesome eyeshadow

I say 'surprisingly' as I'm not usually a huge fan of Seventeen's eye shadow shades and I've never purchased one of their solo shadows before. Something about this little beauty caught my eye when I was browsing Seventeen's mascara selection and after a quick swatch of the tester I was hooked. 

Seventeen at Boots Solo Eye Shadow 'Statuesque'

I love 'Statuesque' because it's a little more unusual than the other browns and neutrals in my collection. It has hints of rose gold and bronze, rust, aubergine, plum and brown. Plus it gives a super metallic finish yet can also be quite subtle if you want it to be. It's easy to blend and build up slowly with an eye shadow brush, or for a more intense effect I swipe it straight on to the eyelid with a clean finger. 

'Statuesque' swatch

Close-up swatch of 'Statuesque'

It's got great pigmentation and once on it lasts pretty much all day without fading. I think it's a great rich neutral and for only £3.89 you can't really go wrong. 

Have you used Seventeen's range of eye shadows before? I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. That's actually the only Seventeen eye shadow I own! I was looking for a reddish/berry toned shadow one day but couldn't find one that didn't cost a bomb, I swatched this and fell in love with it! It's really good x

    1. Isn't it fab? It's so different, haven't seen many high street ones in this colour, quite unique!xx

  2. That's an awesome shade! Definitely has a more expensive look to it too - am yet to try any eye shadows from Seventeen but I think this might change in the very near future! Thank you :)

    Rosie xo

    1. I definitely recommend this one, the texture is lovely and it has excellent pigmentation :) xx


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