Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Primark beauty haul: Hair, tan and storage!

'Primark' and 'beauty' isn't really a combination that instantly fills me with excitement to be honest. Bargain bikinis and ballet shoes, yes. But beauty products? Hmm...

However, having noticed Hask's range of Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil products on my last few shopping trips, and having heard good things about them from fellow bloggers, I thought I'd put my Primark prejudice aside and give them a go. Of course, as soon as I started browsing the beauty shelves I found lots of other goodies I wanted to try, hence one hair mask turning into a Primark beauty haul. Oops! Here are the bits and bobs I picked up. 

Hask hair treatment masks, £2 each 

Macadamia hot oil treatment £2, Argan oil £2.50

I went in looking for Hask products and found the Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut masks, plus a Macadamia Nut hot oil treatment and Argan Oil shine oil to use on wet and dry hair. I used the Macadamia Nut mask this morning and I was extremely impressed; expect a review over the next few days. 

Hair Essentials with Argan oil shampoo and conditioner, £2.50 each 

This Argan oil shampoo and conditioner duo is actually made especially for Primark, unlike Hask which is a division of an American hair care company. I'm intrigued to see what these are like. The bottles are reminiscent of the infamous Moroccan Oil range, although I'm sort of doubting the quality will be quite as good. I'll be testing these this week and will report back with my verdict.

Anti-Imperfection face mask 90p

Who didn't love these Montagne Jeunesse face masks during their teen years?! I'm still a fan, especially as they come in a range of wonderful colours with hilarious images on the front of each sachet. Where can I get me some leaves like that?! This one contains aloe vera and willow which I thought sounded very soothing, and since I've been making an effort to use a mask once or twice a week to encourage clearer pores I figured this 90p (!) classic might help. 

Sunkissed Gradual Tan £2.90

My nickname when I was younger and holidaying in Italy with my Stepmum's Italian family was 'mozzarella'. Which just about sums up how pale I am and how stubborn my skin is when it comes to tanning. OK, so I actually hate sunbathing and would rather stick pins in my eyes than lie out on a beach towel for hours at a time (I don't cope very well in extreme heat!) But still, my legs don't even pick up a 'walking around being a tourist' tan. I rely on gradual tan to see me through the summer months, because as much as I try go by the pale and interesting tag my legs are more translucent than white. I usually use Palmer's Cocoa Butter gradual tan but thought I'd give this a go as it makes a cheaper alternative. The packaging looks sleek and the initial smell is quite cocoa buttery. It's not made specifically for Primark as far as I can tell, but is part of a wider range of tanning products made a company Sunkissed. I slapped some on my pins this morning after my bath, so I'll be judging the results this evening before bed. Fingers crossed!

Large 'Ditzy' wash bag £3 and small 'Ditzy' make-up bag £2

Last but not least, I couldn't resist picking up a few make-up bags. The larger one was only £3 and the smaller one was £2, and I love the floral design. I seem to have hundreds of make-up bags but really needed a bigger one to dump my everyday items into, rather than having three of four small bags spilling everywhere on the bathroom floor. The smaller bag is perfect for holding handbag essentials, so I'll be bringing it everywhere with me. If I'm being honest I seem to get a kick out of collecting make-up bags and these were just too cute to resist!

Have you tried any beauty products from Primark? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. Looking forward the macadamia oil review! :) what are the ingredients in it? Lovely blog XO

    1. Hi Paula, my macadamia mask review will be posted tomorrow and I've included a photo of the ingredients list :) Thanks for stopping by and having a read! xx

  2. Replies
    1. You can never have too many make-up bags, right?! Hehe xx


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