Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Looking for a beautiful bright red? Topshop Lip Bullet 'Joyride'

Aah, the infamous 'Joyride' Lip Bullet that I thought was pink but is actually bright red... Either my eyesight needs testing or Topshop's lighting needs adjusting! Still, I'm glad I made a mistake as I really like this little gem and am excited to have stumbled across a red lipstick that actually suits me and doesn't make me look super pale/like I have cheddar cheese for teeth. 

It can be so tricky finding a good red lipstick. I used to dread it, to be honest, until I found MAC's Russian Red. That's my go-to red and nothing I've swatched since has ever come close.  However, 'Joyride' is a definite partner in crime to Russian Red, being a slightly lighter shade that's perfect for summer (I'm thinking denim shorts and white tank tops/floaty maxi dresses). 

Topshop Lip Bullet 'Joyride' £8

 'Joyride' swatch

Topshop provides the following information on their website: 'Dewy finish lip bullet with lipstick tip in twist up format for precise application. Apply for buildable and blendable vivid colour with a moisturising, nourished finish. Wear either on it's own or layered over lipstick for a comfortable, balmy wear.' 

As you can see it's a bright red tomato shade but not too orangey. I tend to suit reds with a blue undertone and this doesn't seem too yellow based, which is probably why it doesn't look as bizarre on me as some reds do! I am a huge fan of the lipstick tip design as the point is small enough to draw a smooth, even line around the lips before filling in with the small 'bullet'. It makes for really neat application and I haven't even needed to use a lipliner to get a reasonably crisp finish. 

The texture is creamy and comfortable, not at all drying and it doesn't bleed outside of the lip line. Once it's on it doesn't budge, although I always do the old 'thumb in mouth' trick to prevent any colour transferring onto my teeth! While Topshop say it can be worn over lipstick, I sort of don't see the point in this at all... It IS lipstick and it's so highly pigmented that I can't quite work out what you'd wear it over? It's absolutely brilliant as it is, as far as I'm concerned. It is moisturising but it definitely doesn't feel like a 'balm', it feels like a lipstick so I'm not sure about their choice of wording there either. But I love it- that's what counts! 

After around three or four hours, or after eating/drinking, the colour does start to fade a little in the middle of the lips so it's worth carrying it with you on days/nights out in case you feel the need to reapply. I sometimes dab on a little lipbalm when this happens, which disperses the remaining colour evenly. 

In the picture above I applied one coat, blotted with tissue, and then applied a second coat, without using lipliner. I really like the quality and colour and am keen to try out the other Lip Bullet shades, as from what I can tell they're all quite bright, solid shades. The pigmentation is brilliant, very opaque, and it feels high quality, so I'd say it's well worth the £8 price tag. 

Browse Topshop Lip Bullets here

Have you tried the Lip Bullets or any other Topshop make-up? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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