Monday, 3 June 2013

Weekend haul: Sinful Colors, got2b and Topshop make-up

As I had £16 worth of Boots points on my card I thought I'd treat myself to a few bits and bobs over the weekend. I'm currently ever-so-slightly obsessed with nail polish, so I picked up four pretty shades from the new Sinful Colors collection. An American company, Sinful Colors seem to specialise in fun, 'trendy' colours, with the collection featuring lots of neons, pastels and glitters. They retail for £1.99 each, which is pretty fab. Here are the four I picked up:

L-R: Island Coral, Cinderlla, Winterberry, Soul Mate
I really like the pale blue shimmer 'Cinderella' and the dark brown-aubergine Winterberry in particular. The other two look quite similar but Soul Mate is a more pinky coral as opposed to orange coral. 

I also picked up a few hair products. The new range of Schwarzkopf got2b styling products were on sale for £3 each, so I chose the beach matt mermaid look texturizing salt spray and the Oil-licious tame & shine styling oil. 

I love a good salt spray, especially for when my hair is feeling a little flat. I also love a good hair oil for everyday use, and this one is such a great bargain. I've used it a few times over the last couple of days on damp hair, and it really helps to smooth split ends and nourish my frazzled highlighted locks. It has quite a thick texture, which I prefer as it feels more satisfying somehow when applying to hair in need of nourishment. Plus it smells lovely, quite floral but with a nutty kick too. A little goes a long way on my fine hair, and it doesn't make my hair at all greasy or lank. A winner!

Now for the really fun part... My mini Topshop make-up haul! I've had a few things from Topshop's range in the past, including a couple of lipsticks and nail polishes. I found so many gorgeous items this time that I couldn't resist picking up a selection:

From left to right: Eye Duo in 'Harlow Sunset' (£8), Smokey Eye Palette in 'Golden Aura' (£12), Kohl liner in Sable (£4), Nails in 'Ruthless' and 'Nice n' Neutral' (£5 each), Lip Bullet in 'Joyride' (£8). 

I am completely head over heels in love with this Eye Palette. I'm a sucker for neutral colours and these feel so soft and buttery. I've been wanting to try a plum shade for a while, and the duo shadow looked too good to resist. I usually use my trusty Mac eyeliner for definition but thought I'd try this Topshop one, and I'm so glad I did as it goes on extremely smoothly and doesn't pull or drag at all, making it easy to draw thin or thick lines depending on preference. 

Now, I wasn't actually looking to buy a red lipstick. I'm not sure if the lighting in Topshop is  funny or if I was just having a bit of a moment, but I *thought* this was a pink colour! It looked like a dark pink and I couldn't find a tester so I just went with it and bought it... Only to open it at home and realise my mistake. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with red lipstick, as some make my pale complexion look even paler, and some make my teeth look quite yellow. The trick is finding a red with blue undertones, and Mac's Russian Red is all my absolute favourite: matte finish, doesn't budge, and compliments my skintone (and my teeth!). So it was with some trepidation that I applied a coat of this Lip Bullet. To my relief I instantly loved it! It's a tomato red but not at all orange, so my teeth looked fine, and it has a lovely matte texture, meaning it doesn't bleed or smudge outside of the lip line. It makes a change from my usual pinks, nudes and berries, and I'll definitely be wearing it throughout the summer. 

Finally, I couldn't help but add a few more items to my nail polish collection! I love a dark, wine red and I also love nude colours, so these really stood out for me. The brushes are quite small, which I prefer as it means I don't end up with polish all around my nails, which is what often  seems to happen with bigger brushes. 

I'll be writing reviews throughout the week, and can't wait to share some swatches of the Eye Palette and Lip Bullet in particular. 

Browse Sinful Colors here
Browse Schwarzkopf got2b here
Browse Topshop make-up here


  1. Yay for the Sinful Colours! I almost bought Cinerella and Island Coral but i resisted because I have similar ones - but i reckon ill be going back for them :P
    Id love to see your thoughts on the got2b beach spray - i almost picked that up today but am waiting to read a few reviews before i grab some :) xx

    1. I am so in love with Sinful Colors, definitely going to pick up a few more next time I'm in Boots! I haven't used the beach spray yet but once I've given it a go I'll post a review :) xx


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