Friday, 21 June 2013

Add a pop of colour with Collection Colour Pro Intense Colour Lip Lacquers

Lip gloss obsessive that I am, when I spotted Collection's new Colour Pro Intense Colour Lip Lacquers in Boots I couldn't resist having a cheeky swatch (before anyone mentions my spending ban, I paid with my Boots points!) Candy colours and a fabulous glossy opaque finish? Sold. 

Colour Pro in 'Prom Queen' and 'It Girl' £6.50 at Boots

'Prom Queen' and 'It Girl'

Available in four shades including a bright coral and daring fuchsia, I opted for the pale nude pink 'Prom Queen' and bright summery pink 'It Girl'. I've started being more adventurous with my lip colours recently and am keen to try out brighter pinks alongside fail safe neutrals, hence the combination. Plus, they're extremely pretty! 

Collection claim their Colour Pro Lip Lacquers 'deliver an intense burst of colour, with a high shine finish' and they're not at all wrong. Both glosses are of a thick, creamy consistency and slick on easily. I'd avoid wearing your hair down if it's windy outside, unless you like the whole hair stuck to lips smearing lip gloss across your face conundrum! I actually don't mind a thick, slightly sticky lip gloss as they tend to have good staying powder, and these lip lacquers really do stay put for longer than your average tinted gloss. With one swipe of the wand shaped applicator you get a good opaque dose of colour that can be built on easily for added plumping and shine.  If you like a super shiny, super colourful gloss then these are perfect. I love that neither shade contains glitter or shimmer; they give a great, strong, solid block of colour. The lacquers smell sort of 'cosmetic' rather than scented, which isn't unpleasant but is a little bland, although this doesn't bother me much in the grand scheme of all things lip gloss related. Each tube is made of sturdy plastic and comes with an easy to use wand applicator, making it super easy to guide colour flawlessly on to lips. 

Swatch time!

'Prom Queen'

'Prom Queen' is a lovely pale pink colour, and although the photo might look a little sheer it's actually opaque upon application. I love this for during the day as it's still a little punchy yet natural enough for all sorts of situations, be it work or play. 

'It Girl'
'It Girl' is actually a little brighter once applied and really stands out (in a good way!) once on. I've been loving this for when I want to wear a statement lip and I can see myself wearing it a lot throughout the summer. There's something so fun about having a bright pink super glossy pout and although my lovely Mum told me I look like a Barbie doll when wearing 'It Girl' I don't care- it's an awesome colour!

The bold lip look seems to be here to stay, and I for one am fully embracing it with my ever expanding collection of bold pink, red, coral and berry lip products. I'd highly recommend Collection Colour Pro Intense Colour Lip Lacquers for those on the same quest for a bold, glossy pout at the very reasonable cost of £6.50 each. 


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  1. Thats actually quite expensive for a collection product lol. I love the colour 'it girl' its lovely. Great Post :)


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