Friday, 7 June 2013

ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in 'Berry Pink' and 'Strip Tease'

I'm not one to review every magazine freebie but these really are something special. With the July edition of Glamour UK, on sale this week, comes a choice of four ModelCo products, and I snapped up the Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in 'Berry Pink' before rushing out to get 'Strip Tease' as I was so impressed with the quality. Each gloss is worth £12 and Glamour costs £2 so you're really getting a good bargain! ModelCo is a popular Australian brand available online here.

'Berry Pink' and 'Strip Tease'

'Berry Pink' is a gorgeous juicy raspberry shade with a hint of shimmer and it gives a seriously glossy, glass-like finish which is just what I like in a lipgloss. It's got quite a thin consistency rather than being gooey or thick, which is also what I like in a lipgloss; I hate it when my lips feel as if they've been super-glued together! My first application lasted for around two hours before needing to be reapplied, which is pretty ace for a lipgloss suffering through numerous cups of tea, and although the initital shine faded after a while my lips still felt glossy and retained a good amount of colour. The formula is sheer rather than opaque and the colour on the swatch below is what shows on lips once applied. I love how juicy and fresh it looks, it's such a summery shade.

'Strip Tease' and 'Berry Pink'

As I was such a fan of 'Berry Pink' I decided to get 'Strip Tease' as well, seeing as it was only putting me back another £2. 'Strip Tease' is a subtle peach colour with a hint of gold shimmer, and it gives quite a clear gloss effect once applied. It would be perfect for layering on top of lipstick to add shine or worn alone as a natural gloss. Like 'Berry Pink' it gives a glass-like shine and wears well for a few hours before needing to be reapplied.  

Both glosses have a sweet scent and each tube has a little mirror on the side for on the go application, although the wand tipped applicators make it very easy to apply these without needing to look carefully at what you're doing, which is always good! Both glosses feel very moisturising. I would definitely consider paying full price in the future for another ModelCo lipgloss as the quality is great and I'm obsessed with 'Berry Pink' in particular... in case you hadn't noticed! 


  1. I think I may need to hunt these down, a girl can never have too many lip glosses ;P Great post!

    Stacey x

    1. They really are lovely and such a bargain!xx

  2. I picked up one of these two - strip tease! I love them :) I've never heard of this brand but I'm so so impressed as I'm not usually one for lipgloss but these are great! Lovely post :) xx

    1. Aren't they fab? I was so surprised as I'd never heard of the brand before either xx


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